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Create quality content for your reel with over-the-shoulder scenes filmed right in our studio. Whether you are looking to expand your range or you are just getting started in the industry, our team will film your performance and coach you along the way. You can add professional quality footage to your reel in as little as one session - so what are you waiting for? To schedule a scene session, please fill out our Scene Request Form and we will respond within 48 hours.

What's Included

  • Production design in our studio setup

  • Premium lighting setup tailored to you

  • Highest quality video and sound

  • Professional actor as your reader

  • Experienced coaching and feedback

  • Free water, coffee, and snacks

  • Free tissues and face powder

File Delivery

  • We ask that clients bring their own script material that best represents the types of roles they are interested in pursuing. Scripts must be approved by our team before you schedule your session to ensure that it is complimentary to our studio setup.

  • If you need help sourcing material, we offer script sourcing services for an additional fee. Please mark this option when you fill out the scene request form and we will contact you with more information.

  • We provide a professional reader for your scene. We choose our readers with confidence in their ability to help you get your best performance. If you prefer to bring your own scene partner, you are welcome to do so, please just let us know in advance.

  • Your scene will go through a full post-production service and the final file delivery can be expected within 5 business days.

  • Your file will be emailed to you in a downloadable link via WeTransfer. We provide you with two files – the original file and a smaller MP4 file that can easily be uploaded to your website or casting platform.


How Do I Choose a Scene?


A great reel should showcase an assortment of your acting abilities.
If you are just starting out, look for scenes that are in the same genre as roles you would want to be cast in.  If you are looking to add to your existing reel, find a scene that allows you to present a different character than what you have already accomplished.  No matter what scene you choose, make sure there is a lengthy bit of dialogue for your character so it can be cut into your reel to showcase your performance without interruption.

More Frequently Asked Questions


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