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Our team uses proven coaching methods for audition prep, script breakdown, and character development.  You have the option to meet with your coach in person or connect via video conference for one-on-one focused work on your material.  Our coaches are also available to travel to set locations within Los Angeles. To schedule a coaching session, please fill out our Coaching Request Form and we will respond within 24 hours.  

Audition Prep

You've been called in for an important audition.  We will break down the sides and review your approach to the audition so you are prepared for your time in front of the casting directors.  During your session, we will work on finding your intention and establishing choices.

Character Development

You’ve booked the role and now you need to make the most of the opportunity.  We will breakdown the character’s journey, back story, and overall development.  The more specific your choices are, the more available you can be to a director’s adjustments.


Coaching with Jessalyn


Coaching with Our Team



"I always start with the script. All the information and opportunity is in the writing. I believe your job as an actor is to elevate the words on the page. Be present, listen, and truly use the script - these are the keys to a dynamic and meaningful performance."

- Jessalyn Gilsig